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The Bauerfeind Product Finder is replacing the Physician App

This app will make choosing the right medical aid much easier for physicians and medical retailers. Thanks to its intuitive use, information about Bauerfeind products is available everywhere – quickly and easily.

Previously known as the Physician App, the digital product finder is now being launched with a new design. Bauerfeind products are presented in a tidier and clearer way, and the portfolio now also includes compression stockings and foot orthoses, in addition to supports and orthoses.

Quick product selection based on body part, indication or product name

Always find the right support, orthosis, compression stocking or foot orthosis quickly. You can decide whether you’d like to search by indication or the specific product name. The clear navigation will conveniently take you to the right medical aid.

Product information about function, fitting and taking measurements

Details about the products’ medical and technical features will be displayed at a glance, as well as information on how to choose the right size. The video material about the product’s design and function is also suitable for patient demonstrations.

About Bauerfeind

Everyone would surely wish to lead an active and healthy life well into old age. Our supports, orthoses, medical compression stockings and orthopedic foot orthoses help you to maintain and regain health. They increase wellbeing and ensure greater quality of life!

Our products are produced by people for people. From the initial design and product development to the manufacturing process with elaborate checks, Bauerfeind places great value on highest quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Note: The app is designed to make treatment of patients easier for specialists such as physicians and medical supply retailers/orthotists. It is not a diagnostic tool that replaces a medical examination or enables self-examination. The physician’s recommendation must always be the deciding factor. If you experience symptoms of any kind, please seek medical help right away.